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JUST PUBLISHED - The Man Who Refused to Die, by Alan Thomas

Nobody wants to grow old but what would you give for the chance of eternal youth? In this gripping novel an ambitious scientist sets out to prove that ageing is a 'disease' that can be cured - a quest that has devastating consequences.

Wealthy businessman Dimitry Yablonsky finds it unbearable to witness his beloved father's descent into old age. So he decides to award a prize of $100 million to anyone who can find a way of halting the human ageing process.

Young scientist Dr Jonathan Palmer aims to do just that. Despite the opposition of his deeply-religious wife, his colleagues and the Law, he is determined to let nothing stand between him and the ultimate prize in science.

But Palmer's work sparks off a chain of events that bring both joy, hope, bitterness and betrayal in their wake. He is prepared to sacrifice his marriage and even his life in pursuit of his quest, while Yablonsky risks losing his reputation and his liberty if a guilty secret is revealed.

Based on contemporary scientific developments, The Man Who Refused to Die confirms that today's science fiction may soon be tomorrow's science fact!

Published May 2013. Paperback print book, 297 pages. PDF download, 303 pages. Available from www.lulu.com and Amazon worldwide.
                             Ebook available from Amazon worldwide, Smashwords and all good online bookshops.

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The Lonely Little Piano, by Tom Allan 



A little blue-and-gold piano was just what Jessica and Jack had always wanted. But as they grew older they played it less and less. The little piano was lonely - until he was joined by a strange new companion.

Discover what happens when, one stormy night, the little piano finds himself reluctantly sharing his music room with an Austrian concert grand.
It's not easy becoming friends. And before long their friendship faces the ultimate test . . .

This amusing, intriguing and informative story will delight and inspire young readers from 8 to 80.


"This enchanting children's book . . .  a lovely story" - William Hay, music teacher.


 "Is it really possible to feel sorry for a piano? I certainly did...Tom Allan's 'Lonely Little Piano' is a beautifully written story that's hard to put down once started" - Graham Howard, PianoAdvisor, ukpianos.co.uk.

 Paperback book, 104 pages. Print copy, £4.99.  PDF download, £1.99.  

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Yes You Can Play Like Mississippi John Hurt , by Thumbpicker1812  


A beginner's guide to the style of one of the great country blues guitarists. Everything you need, from basic picking techniques, bass and treble patterns, to tabs of six great Mississippi John Hurt songs! Each song is also linked to a demonstration on YouTube. 

Thumbpicker1812 brings forty years of  guitar playing experience and a friendly teaching style to this unique book. Don't miss it!

New extended edition. Paperback book, 43 pages. Coil-bound print copy, £15.50. PDF download, £12.00.

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Image of Mississippi John Hurt courtesy of Jeff DOttavio at www.fineartamerica.com


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